How to Register a Car in Kansas That Has No Title

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In the state of Kansas, you can register your car even if you purchased it without receiving a title. As long as you can prove ownership of the vehicle, the Kansas County Treasurer's office will provide this service. You will need to fill out a couple of forms and pay the required fees.

Obtain the Affidavit of Purchase Price and Kansas Manual Application for Duplicate, Secured or Reissued Title (TR-720B) and Odometer Disclosure Statement (TR-59) forms from your local Kansas County Treasurer office. You also can download them directly from the Internet (see Resources).

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Fill out the Kansas Manual Application for Duplicate, Secured or Reissued Title (TR-720B) form. Check off the box that says “Duplicate Title”. Make sure you include year, make, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number as well as your name and address. Sign and date the bottom of the form.

Visit the seller of the vehicle you purchased. Have him complete the Odometer Disclosure Statement and the Affidavit of Purchase Price forms. Both forms need to be signed and dated by the buyer and seller.

Set up an appointment with your local Kansas Treasurer's office. Bring along the completed Odometer Disclosure Statement, Affidavit of Purchase Price Form, Kansas Manual Application for Duplicate Title, proof of insurance and your driver's license. Pay the duplicate title and county tax fees. As of June 2010, the duplicate title fee is $10. The county tax fees vary and are calculated by vehicle weight, sales and property tax. You will receive your title and registration card within a few weeks.


  • If you purchased the vehicle from a dealer, a sales tax receipt also will need to be included with your registration paperwork.

    After purchasing of your vehicle, the state of Kansas requires that it be registered and titled within 30 days.

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