How to Obtain a Lost Title on a Boat Trailer in Illinois

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When you are buying or selling a trailer in Illinois, it must have a title. The Illinois Secretary of State's office handles titling duties for trailers, including boat trailers. It should be noted that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources—a separate state agency under the control of the governor—handles boat titles. To obtain a duplicate title, the original must be lost, stolen or mutilated.

Obtain the Application for Vehicle Transactions at an Illinois Secretary of State Driver's License station. Form VSD 190 also can be sent to you by calling 800-252-8980.

Check the "Duplicate Title" box in the top part of the form. Fill out the remainder of the form as it pertains to your trailer. Sign the form.


Submit the form along with $95 to the Illinois Secretary of State's office. Mail it to: Office of the Secretary of State, Vehicle Records Processing Division, 501 S. Second St., Room 424, Springfield, IL 62756-6666.



  • To find an Illinois Secretary of State branch office near you, search the Cyber Drive Illinois website (see References).


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