How to Track Certified Mail Receipts From the US Post Office

By Jeanne Dober
Track Certified Mail Receipts From the US Post Office

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Sending a letter out via certified mail allows you to keep track of where the letter is located and if the recipient received the letter. Sending a letter out via certified mail is a good way to keep track of business transactions or other important documentation. Keep the receipt that you receive when you mail out the letter, as you can use this information to track the letter.

Retrieve your copy of your certified mail receipt. This is the green and white piece of paper that you collected from the post office when you sent out the certified letter at the post office.

Locate the line of 20 numbers on the edge of the receipt. This is your tracking number.

Go to the United States Postal Service website's track and confirm page. Type the tracking number into the search box located under the "Enter Label/Receipt Number" and press the "Search" link.

Review the information that the United States Postal website produces and note the current location of the certified letter that you sent out.

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