How to Send Clothes to India

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Sending clothes to India requires more protocol than sending clothes to someone living in the United States. Failure to follow the protocol can result in your package not reaching the destination you intended. If you use the United States postal system, you can send a package to India via Global Express Guaranteed Mail, which will guarantee the arrival of your box of clothes within one to three business days; Express Mail International, which will take three to five business days; or Priority Mail International, which will take six to 10 business days.

Pack all your clothes in a sturdy cardboard box. Search your home for unused boxes, or visit local stores and ask them for box discards. You can also purchase shipping boxes from your local post office. When choosing a box, use the smallest box possible. Box dimensions figure into shipping costs.

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Weigh your box to ensure that it does not exceed the weight limits. If you intend to send the package Priority Mail International, the box cannot exceed 44 pounds. Express Mail International and Global Express Guaranteed Mail cannot exceed 70 pounds. If your box exceeds the weight limit, distribute the clothing among several boxes.

Use an ample amount of packaging tape so that your package is secure en route.

Take the box of clothes to the post office and advise the postal representative that you'll be shipping clothing to India.

Complete customs form No. 2976 and affix it to your box. The form must contain your legal name and address, the recipient's legal name and address, the content of the box (clothes) and the estimated value of the content. The postal representative can help you affix the form. This form is also available at

Pay the postal fee. The cost will be based on the shipping dimensions, weight of the box and shipping method. For example, the cost to send a 20-pound box via Priority Mail International is $122.25. A 20-pound box via Express Mail International is $134.25. A 20-pound box via Global Express Guaranteed Mail is $254. Insurance is additional. All prices given are effective 2010.

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