How to Track a Letter in the Mail

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To track an item through the mail you need to mail the letter using one of the United States Postal Service’s (or another mail service's) track and confirm methods of delivery. To do this you must choose to mail your letter using priority or express mail options, which allow you to track your letter throughout the course of its delivery. Otherwise you can choose to purchase delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, certified or registered mail; these options allow you to receive confirmation when your letter is delivered but you cannot track it en route.

Selecting the Correct Tracking Method for You

Take your letter to your local post office or mail center to mail. Do not mail your letter in the regular blue postal box; go inside the post office, stand in line and speak with a postal employee about mailing your letter using one of the track and confirm delivery methods provided by the USPS. If you decide to go with a third-party mail service, ask the person at the front desk what type of mail tracking services they offer.

Select a Shipping Method

Choose to mail your letter using priority or express mail. Priority mail is typically delivered two business days after it is mailed and express mail is sent overnight. Both are easily tracked. If you don’t want to pay for priority or express mail shipping add a form of delivery confirmation to your letter.

Pay the fees associated with mailing your letter. Keep the receipt given to you by the postal employee because it has your tracking number on it, which you will need to use when tracking your letter on the USPS website. If you go through a third-party mail service, you will also need to keep your receipt, as this will include some sort of tracking number.


Visit the USPS website to track your letter. Using USPS’ track and confirm option enter your letter’s tracking number into the box provided and click “Go”. View the results of your letter’s whereabouts when they appear on your computer screen. If you go through a third-party mail service, check their website for a similar tracking function.


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