How to Find a Federal Inmate on Parole

While it can be difficult to find someone, even in our age of technology, it's a whole lot easier if they are a federal inmate that is on parole. That's because once someone has committed a crime, our laws make it so that their criminal information, at least in most instances, is available to the public. You just need to know where to look.

Go to the Inmate Locator on the Federal Bureau of Prisons' website, listed as a Resource below. There, you can find anyone that has been incarcerated in Federal prison since 1982.

Type the inmate's first and last name into the Inmate Locator. With this name, you will be provided with the age, race, sex, release date and register number of the parole inmate you are looking for.

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Request information on the whereabouts of the paroled inmate through the United States Department of Justice. The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) provides access to the records that you will need, as long as the right information is provided and there are no security reasons preventing their release. Write "Freedom of Information Act Request" on the envelope and provide a reason for the information you are seeking and the details of the paroled inmate that you found from the Inmate Locator.

Fill out all of the forms that you receive from the Justice Department and send them back. You will then be given the information about where to find the federal inmate on parole you are looking for.

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