How to Find Out If Someone Got Out of Prison on Parole

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The incarceration status of an offender serving time and paroled from the federal or state penal systems is a matter of public record. Each of the 50 states and the federal government maintain internet-based tracking systems through which you are able to find the status of an offender. These systems provide information both as to where an offender is incarcerated and when he is discharged to a halfway house or to parole (or supervised release in the federal system).

Gather Information

Identify whether the offender was convicted and sentenced in the state or federal court system. You accomplish this task by contacting the federal and state courts in the area in which the individual was prosecuted. Obtain from the appropriate court clerk's office the full legal name and date of birth (if that additional information is available).

Go Online

Log onto the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator if the offender was sentenced in the federal court system. Input the offender's full legal name as well as race, sex and age if known. The Inmate Locator database will provide the current status of a federal offender. Call the U.S. Probation Office attached to the court of conviction and sentencing if the status at the Inmate Locator states "released." Provide the name of the offender to the probation office staff who will advise if the individual remains on supervised release.

Log onto the department of correction's website in the state in which an offender is sentenced if the case was prosecuted in the state court system. Input information about the offender into the department of correction's inmate locator system. The system will provide you with whether or not the inmate is incarcerated or has been released on parole or because of a fully completed sentence.



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