How to Obtain a County Police Report for Broward County, Florida

By Jane Meggitt
If a different law enforcement agency took the report, contact that entity, not Broward County.

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With the exception of those police reports considered confidential or exempted, you can order copies of reports from the Broward County, Florida, Sheriff's Office online. After filling out the form, you should receive notice that they received your request within 72 hours. If the report you requested is confidential or exempted, you must call the records division of the sheriff's office during business hours.

Getting the Report

While you can order the police report online, you must go to the Broward County Sheriff's Office to pick it up during normal business hours. You can also request reports by mail or in person. For all reports, you must include the time and date of the incident, the case number if available, as well as the names of the involved parties.

Accident Reports

Motor vehicle crash information is confidential for at least 60 days from the date that law enforcement files it, so you must wait at least that long to request a copy if you weren't involved in the incident. If you were involved, or are an attorney, insurance representative, news reporter or work for a government agency authorized to have the information, you can receive the report soon after it's filed by signing a sworn statement. Immediate relatives and legal representatives of crash victims can also access the report quickly. Falsely swearing that you are entitled to such a report is a felony.

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