How to Obtain a County Police Report for Broward County, Florida

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It is possible to obtain copies of a Broward County police report through the records and warrants division. You may need to wait 60 days after an incident to be granted access, however, since motor vehicle accident reports are considered confidential until that time has passed.

Until a need for one arises, it might never occur to you that it’s possible to obtain Broward County police reports. However, if you are involved in an automobile accident or other incident requiring police intervention, you may find that you require a copy of the police report for insurance or legal reasons. Fortunately, unless a police report is considered confidential, you should be able to obtain a copy with relative ease.

Obtaining a Broward County Police Report

If you are hoping to obtain a police or accident report that was filed for Broward County, refer first to the county’s website. Through the records and warrants division, it is possible to access a database of all available reports. This will help you to determine whether the record you need is in fact on file with Broward County and whether it is earmarked as acceptable for public viewing and use.

Once you are able to determine whether the police report is available, you will need to visit the division in person during regular business hours. At the time of this writing, the records and warrants division is closed on Fridays, however, so check its website before stopping by.

When you go to the county office to acquire your police report, be sure you have some information handy. You’ll need your name and those of any other involved parties, the date and time of the incident and a case number, if you have one. You may be able to find this information on the Broward County records and warrants division’s searchable database. Keep in mind that, in most scenarios, motor vehicle accident information is confidential for 60 days following an incident. If you need it sooner, your insurance company or attorney may need to intervene on your behalf.

In addition, be sure that the reporting law enforcement agency was, in fact, Broward County. Even if the incident occurred within that jurisdiction, if a state trooper or other local agency responded to the accident or event, the Broward sheriff office records and warrants division won’t have access to the report you’re looking for.

Why Would I Need Access to Police Records?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you might need a copy of Broward County sheriff office records for your insurance claim or legal case. A Broward County accident report can go a long way toward proving your innocence in a disputed traffic case, as such a document is considered to be unquestioned fact. Insurance companies often wish to examine accident reports so they can determine which driver was at fault. The insurance companies then mitigate claims accordingly in an effort to reduce their financial burden.


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