How to Renew a Cuban Passport

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Citizens of Cuba living outside of that country can renew their Cuban passports by visiting a Cuban embassy near their home. Holders of a Cuban passport will need it to enter and leave the country, even if they have dual citizenship and a passport for another country as well. Cuban passports are issued for six years, but their validity must be renewed every two years. The Cuban consulate recommends beginning this process two months before your passport is set to expire.

Go to a center approved for taking passport photos and have four photos taken for your passport, if your passport has expired. Cuban passport photos must be recent pictures taken without glasses and be 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 centimeters in size.

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Visit the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. in Washington, D.C. The embassy can be contacted by phone at 202-797-8518 or by email at You can also mail the requested documents to the Cuban Embassy at this address, if you do not live in the area; the ZIP code is 20009.

Submit your expired passport – which serves as proof of your identity – as well as two passport photos, your completed passport application – which must be completed legibly in black ink – and your application processing fee, if your passport has expired. Otherwise, if you just need the validity renewed, just take or mail your passport and a photograph to the embassy.


  • The Cuban Embassy recommends making a photocopy of your passport as soon as possible, in case of loss.


  • The application processing fee is changeable; call the Cuban Embassy to ask how much you will need to pay to have your application processed.

    If you lose your Cuban passport, you will have to take a police report about it to the embassy as well as your birth certificate or copy of the missing passport.

    To travel to and from Cuba, your passport must be valid for two months after your departure date.

    If applying for a Cuban visa from another country, locate the consulate nearest you (see Resources).

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