Instructions for Chinese Passport Renewal

Passports for the People's Republic of China are issued to any Chinese citizen and valid for 10 years for people over the age of 16, and five years for those under 16. Renewing a Chinese passport requires you to submit a passport renewal form and passport photos to your closest Chinese embassy. Passport renewal applications should be submitted at least six months prior to your passport expiration date to guarantee that you receive it in time.

Step 1

Locate your local Chinese embassy. Contact the national headquarters of the Chinese embassy in your country to help you locate your nearest embassy.

Step 2

Download and complete a Chinese passport renewal form. These forms are available online or through the Chinese embassy. The site lists embassy locations for every country, as well as contact information for each.

Step 3

Obtain four passport photos. Passport photos are 2 by 2 inches in size and must be color photos of your face and head from the neck up. Passport photos can be taken at most one hour photo processing centers, as well as at copy shops and office supply stores.

Step 4

Obtain the necessary documents to get your Chinese passport renewed. Depending on your citizenship and visa status this may include your old passport, birth certificate, green card or visa documents and proof of lawful entry into the country where you are applying for a passport renewal.

Step 5

Take your necessary documents, passport photos and completed Chinese passport renewal forms to your local Chinese embassy. Most embassies have a separate window for passport services. Submit the necessary documents and fees. Your new passport should be processed and mailed out within one month. If you are unable to go to your local consulate, consult the embassy to see if you can mail your documents for a passport renewal. Policies regarding Chinese passport renewal via mail vary from country to country.

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