How do I Find Court Records for a Name Change in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Name changes will be listed in public records.
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Legal name changes are permitted by the state government of Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, they are handled by the court system in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania. The case file containing information about a particular name change is considered public record, and it can be viewed by other citizens upon request. The Philadelphia courts can be contacted in various ways to obtain name change case records.

Visit the website for the Philadelphia Court System, in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (see Resources). Choose from the information listed how you would like to proceed to obtain information about a name change in Philadelphia.

Click the first URL on the web page under "Web Application." This will take you to another page where you can click "Search by Person Name or Company Name." Click "Accept" to agree to the terms and conditions which will be shown. Type in any name you know associated with the case (either old name or new name). Enter the security code that will be shown on the screen to verify that you are valid, human user as opposed to a computer program. Click "Submit" to search for open case files associated with these names.

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Email the Philadelphia Courts at [email protected] to request information about a specific name change. Include as much information as possible about the name change about which you are requesting information. Include other contact information besides your return email where you can be informed about the records when they are located.

Visit the Philadelphia City Hall at to submit a request for information or public records associated with your name change of interest. Submit requests in writing, giving as much information as you know about the name change. List your contact information so you may be contacted when the records become available.

Philadelphia City Hall

296 City Hall

Philadelphia, PA 19107

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