How to Get Wisconsin Circuit Court Access At No Charge

Did you know that you could get Wisconsin circuit court access at no charge? Use the Public Records of the Consolidated Court Automation Programs case management system, a site provided by the state for public use and records. The court record summaries viewed here are public records under Wisconsin open records law. Please read this agreement prior to using the WCCA Web site: If you prefer not use the online version of Wisconsin circuit court access, there are some other ways to get the information at no charge to you.

Visit wcca.wicourts.gov. Click the "I Agree" button near the bottom of the page, and you'll be routed to another screen.

Enter in the last, first and middle name -- as much as you have -- of a party you're searching for. Leave the box checked if you want to When show parties without a middle name. If you do not know the party's full name, enter part of the name and the wildcard symbol: " *. "

Enter a birth date to narrow results. Leave the box checked if you want to show parties without a birth date.

Enter at least three characters of a business name. If you do not know the full name, you can use part of the name and the wildcard symbol.

Select a Wisconsin county from the drop-down menu.

Enter a case number if available, and click "Search."

Click on a case number in the list of case results. Read through the case details, if you wish. The listing includes party details and civil judgment(s) information.

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