How to Fill Out Name Change Forms

Name changes are decided in local courts.
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Each state handles name changes differently. In every state, though, you'll have to go through the courts to legally change the name you were given at birth. People often change their names when they get married, but there are other reasons too, like adoption, for a name change. You'll have to explain your reasoning and give supporting evidence when you appear before the judge who decides whether to grant your request for a name change. You can obtain a Name Change Petition from your local Clerk of Court.

Step 1

Write down your current name as the petitioner. Include the county you live in when prompted.

Step 2

Write down your current name again. Fill out your proposed new name. Check to be sure it has been spelled correctly.

Step 3

Write down your address and place of birth. Obtain a copy of your birth certificate to attach to the form.

Step 4

Confirm that you have never been convicted as a sex offender. You also need to detail any other name changes you have undergone.

Step 5

Explain the reason for the name change. Include copies of supporting documentation, like marriage licenses. Sign the form with your current name. Write down the date.

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