Personal Stun Gun Laws in Canada

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Traditionally stun guns have been used by law enforcement agencies as a non-lethal form of subduing a hostile individual. According to, stun guns delivers an electroshock to a victim, which disrupt a person´s nerve and muscle functions. Although supposed to be non-lethal, there have been a number of accidental deaths and injuries that have occurred while using the stun gun, which have resulted in new Canadian laws regarding stun gun use.

Personal Stun Gun Possesion

Currently in Canada it is illegal to be in possession of a personal stun gun. Use of this tool is only licensed to federal and provincial police officers, who are permitted to use the weapon if they feel they are under threat by another individual. The personal use of stun guns by unlicensed civilians is considered to be illegal and considered under the Canadian Criminal Code to be the equivalent of a weapon, as stated by Best Stun Gun, which manufactures stun guns. Any individuals found importing or in possession of a personal stun gun and is not a licensed law enforcement officer will be prosecuted under the Canadian Criminal Code.

Stun Gun Laws

According to the Canadian Criminal Code section 85, the use of a stun gun whether harm is intentional or not, means that the individual will be criminally charged for using a prohibited weapon in Canada. Individuals will also be criminally charged if they are found concealing and carrying a stun gun or transporting one. Stun guns are categorized as a restricted weapon and can only be carried or used by an individual with a special license to use this type of weapon.

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Punishments & Penalties

All persons that have been charged with a weapons offense in Canada have to go through the court system before serving a prison term. Possession offenses in Canada carry a maximum sentence of five years, as outlined in the Canadian Criminal Code. As for instances where an unlicensed individual uses a stun gun against another person, the maximum sentence to be handed out by a Canadian criminal court is 14 years. Using the stun carries a stiffer penalty than possession because it will inflict serious pain or damage to the person it´s being used against.

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