Visual Requirements for an Arizona Driving License

Arizona residents must test their vision every 12  years in order to drive.
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As part of an application for a driver's license, Arizona residents must pass an eye exam that proves their vision is strong in at least one eye. Applicants may visit any Motor Vehicle Division office without an appointment to complete the test. If the MVD requests a new test and the driver doesn't comply within 30 days, the MVD can suspend or revoke the driver's license.

Required Vision

To pass the Arizona vision test, drivers must have at least 20/40 visual acuity in one eye. That same eye must have a field of vision of 70 degrees, including 35 degrees of vision on the opposite side of the nose. If drivers fail this test when the MVD administers it, they may consult a vision specialist for a second opinion.

Test Frequency

Arizona will issue a lifetime driver's license to applicants under 65 years of age, but all licensed drivers must return at 12-year intervals to retrieve a duplicate license and pass another vision test. Once drivers are 65 years old, they must return every five years to reapply for their license.

Driving Restrictions

In some cases, failure of the vision test in Arizona will not prevent drivers from receiving a license, provided that they use corrective measures or obey certain restrictions. For example, drivers who cannot pass the vision test without glasses may drive as long as they wear their glasses. Drivers with binocular vision, impaired night vision or corrected visual acuity of 20/50 or 20/60 in both eyes will receive a license but cannot legally drive at night.