How to Get a Birth Certificate in El Paso, Texas

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Texas is a closed record state. For this reason, only immediate family members can obtain copies of a birth certificate. Texas statute has defined immediate family members as: mother, father, sister, brother and grandparent. Birth certificate copies are issued by the El Paso County Clerk.

Draft a letter containing the following: name on birth certificate, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s maiden name, place of birth, reason for requesting and relationship to the registrant. Make sure to sign your letter.

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Attach a copy of your identification and a money order for $23. Make your payment out to the El Paso County Clerk. Acceptable copies of identification include: a driver’s license, state-issued identification or military identification.


Submit your request to: El Paso County Clerk 500 E. San Antonio, Ste. 105 El Paso, TX 79901-2496


Wait seven days for your request to be processed. Call 915-546-2071 to check the status after seven days have passed.



  • Expedite your request by sending a self-addressed mailer to the El Paso County Clerk. Only USPS is accepted. Expedited requests are processed immediately.