How to Get a Birth Certificate in Jefferson County, Texas

By R.J. Bowman

If you or a family member were born in Jefferson County, Texas, you can easily obtain a copy of the birth certificate. If you fill out the paper work carefully, you will have no problem obtaining an official certificate from the county clerk office, even if you no longer live near the county.

Obtain a copy of the request for vital records either from the Jefferson County clerk's office or by visiting their website and printing a copy of the form.

Fill out the form according to the instructions. Be sure to check the box for birth record and fill in the box for the number of copies needed. You can only request a form for yourself or a family member and must provide a valid reason for needing a copy of the birth certificate. Providing false information to obtain a birth certificate in any county in Texas can result in large fines or jail time.

Scan and print your driver's license or state ID card or use a copier to make a copy. Without a photocopy of your identification, a copy of the birth certificate will not be sent to you. Be sure that the copy you make is clear and legible, especially your name, address and driver's license number.

Make out a check or money order to the Jefferson County Clerk. As of 2010, the cost per copy of a birth certificate was $23 but the cost is subject to change. The top of the request form will have the current cost per copy. On your memo line, write birth certificate and include the name of the person who's name will appear on the certificate.

Bring the form, the copy of your identification and your payment to the county clerk's office in person or mail it to the office. The office is located at 1001 Pearl Street in Beaumont. If you are mailing the request, send it to the office's P.O. box.

Jefferson County Clerk's Office P.O. Box 1151 Beaumont, TX 77704

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