How to Get a Photo ID in Georgia

By Nancy Chen
You can use your Georgia ID card when applying for a passport.

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You may want to apply for a Georgia photo identification card if you currently do not have a valid driver's license due to it being suspended or revoked, according to Georgia's Department of Driver Services (DDS). The ID card is available to Georgia residents of all ages and serves many important purposes; however, you cannot use the ID card to drive. You can use the ID card to apply for a passport, apply for government benefits, verify your identity when using a bank or credit card or prove your age when purchasing alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, according to the Unofficial DMV Guide.

Gather the documents and information required by DDS in order to apply for a Georgia photo ID card.

You will need to present proof that you are a Georgia resident--some acceptable documents showing your residency include a recent utility bill, recent bank statement, health insurance bill, paycheck or pay stub from your employer or recent school transcript/academic records. Applicants must also present identification showing their name and birth date; examples of approved documents include an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, a current passport and official immigration papers. Lastly, you are required to prove your U.S. citizenship or legal status by providing a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, alien card or certificate of citizenship or naturalization. Refer to Resources for a complete list of acceptable identification and documentation.

If applicable, you will need to bring your old driver's license, ID card or permit to the DDS agent when applying for the new ID card. Also, be prepared to give your Social Security number when applying (the actual Social Security card is not required).

Locate the closest driver's license customer service center to you by using the office locator listed under Resources. The locator provides information about each center's hours of operation, address, phone number, accepted payment methods and the services offered.

Bring all documents, identification and information along with the $20 or $35 application fee ($20 for an ID card valid for five years; $35 for an ID card valid for 10 years) to your local customer service center. Along with submitting paperwork and the fee, you will be required to have your picture taken at the center to complete the application process.

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