How to Get a Photo ID in Georgia

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While a Georgia state ID cannot be used for driving, it can be useful, particularly for those unable or uninterested in obtaining a driver's license. Photo ID cards can be used as proof of identity when applying for jobs, boarding an airplane, obtaining a passport or entering age-restrictive locations like bars. Since Georgia requires voters to provide proof of their identity before casting a ballot, an ID can also be useful when visiting the polls.

How to Get an ID

The state ID requirements in Georgia are fairly simple. Any person can get a GA ID card if they are old enough to either sign their name or make a mark indicating their legal signature. Those under 18 must have their parent or legal guardian present to sign for the ID card.

While ID card renewals can be done online or through the mail, new ID cards can be issued only at the Department of Driver Services because identification is required to be presented. Non-citizens wishing to get an ID card renewed and ID card holders looking to change their name or gender also need to go to the DDS in person.

Once at the DDS, provide documentation of your identity, address, Social Security number and your residence in Georgia. You also need to submit a completed application with your basic information, such as address, legal name, age, hair color, etc. and a $32 fee.

If you previously held a driver's license, permit or ID card in another state, you must surrender that document when applying to get your new Georgia identification card. The license or ID card does not need to be valid or current. If that document was lost or stolen, you must provide a certified copy of your driving record from that state, dated within the last 30 days.

If you have a valid driver;s license from another country, you are not required to surrender that license in order to obtain a Georgia ID or license.

GA ID Card Identification Needed

If you have a valid Georgia ID or license and are a U.S. citizen, you do not need any additional documents to obtain your ID, as your identity and citizenship have already been verified. Non-citizens need to bring in their documents every time to verify that they are still in the country legally, and citizens who do not have a valid ID or license need to prove their identity and residency to get one.

Acceptable documents for identification include a passport, Certificate of Naturalization or a birth certificate. Proof of your Social Security number include a Social Security card, military discharge papers, a payment stub with at least part of your Social Security number on it or an I-797C for non-citizens. To prove you are a legal resident of Georgia, you need to provide two documents providing proof of your address, such as a utility bill or phone bill.

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Documents for Special Circumstances

If your name is different than that provided on the paperwork confirming your identity, then you need to provide proof of your name change with a certified copy of a marriage certificate, a court order or a divorce decree. Even if your current license or ID displays your new name, you still need these documents.

For gender changes, you need a court order or physician's letter certifying the gender change that states your name, date of birth, date of your gender reassignment operation and other identifying information.


  • Georgia ID requirements include providing proof of your identity and residency, proof of your Social Security number, filling out a simple application and paying a $32 fee.