How to Obtain a Reduced Fee California ID Card

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The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues ID cards to California residents of any age. The ID card resembles a driver’s license but can only be used as identification. An ID issued to anyone under the age of 62 remains valid for six years. For residents 62 or older, the ID remains valid for ten years. The fee for a California ID is $30, as of 2018. There is no fee for persons ages 62 or older. Residents who meet certain income conditions may pay a reduced fee of $8, as of 2018.

Check if You Qualify

You qualify for a reduced ID charge if you qualify for one of the following assistance programs: CalWorks, Aid for Families With Dependent Children, Food Stamps, California Food Assistance, Supplemental Security Income, Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants or General Assistance.

Request a Certificate of Eligibility

Request and obtain a completed form DL 937 from an “eligibility worker” of the program providing you assistance. Typically, these forms are not circulated to the public and must be completed by program personnel rather than the applicant.

Fill Out the DMV Paperwork

Visit your nearest or most convenient Department of Motor Vehicles office. Complete application form DL 44 and include your current address and Social Security number. Give a thumb print and have your photo taken.

Pay the Fee

Pay the reduced fee of $8. Your ID card is mailed to you within 60 days.

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