Florida Gun Laws for Felons

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Although the state of Florida generally allows its citizens to own, possess and carry guns with very few restrictions, the state takes a far stricter stance toward convicted felons. Individuals who have received a felony conviction must follow gun rules considerably different from those that govern other citizens in the Sunshine State.

No Guns Allowed

Although Florida’s gun regulations are generally more liberal than those in other states, it virtually outlaws any form of gun ownership by convicted felons. Any person convicted of a felony in Florida or sentenced to at least one year of punishment for a felony offense in another state may not own or possess a firearm of any kind. In addition, the statutes prohibit convicted felons from owning or possessing any type of ammunition, even in the absence of a firearm capable of firing that ammunition. Florida statutes prohibit convicted felons from owning or possessing any type of electric or chemical weapon as well.

Civil Rights Restoration

Felons who have had their civil rights restored may have their gun rights reinstated. The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, an organization that promotes rights for convicted felons, indicates that Florida citizens who have served their entire sentences and have successfully completed any restitution payments may apply to have their civil rights restored. Felons who meet these criteria and have not had an automatic restoration of their rights should complete an online or paper application and forward it to the state Executive Office of Clemency. If the office approves the request, the felon will regain the right to own – and in some cases carry – firearm.

Concealed Carry

A felon who has received restoration of his civil rights in Florida may apply for a permit to carry a concealed firearm. Convicted felons who have had their civil and firearm rights restored by the convicting authority may receive permits for concealed carry.

No Registration Required

Although the state of Florida requires that convicted felons must successfully complete any sentences and pay any required restitution to regain their civil rights, the state does not require these individuals to register their guns. Florida does not require firearms registration for any citizen, regardless of criminal status.

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