How to get a pardon for a crime in Florida

By Contributor

You are eligible to request a full pardon for your crimes in Florida 10 years after you have completed your sentence. At that time, you may submit an application, called the Application for Clemency, to the state for approval. The application is a single page form, and you do not need to retain a lawyer for the process.

Visit the Florida Parole Commission website and download the Application for Clemency.

Print the pdf application, fill it out and sign it. When filling out the application you will need specific information from your crime such as the case number and date of the incident. Do not leave anything out.

Order a copy of your case docket for the crime you are asking to be pardoned for and include a copy of it with your application for the pardon.

Mail all of the information in to the address provided on the application for the pardon and wait to hear what the governor's decision is.

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