How to Change Your Address for VA Benefits

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Change Your Address Online

Change your address securely online through VA’s eBenefits website. Go to the home page, click on the “Update Direct Deposit and Contact Information” link, then input your new information.

Call the VA Benefits Toll-Free Number

The legal administrative specialists at the VA’s call centers can change your address over the phone at 1-800-827-1000. You will need to provide your Social Security number, name, branch of service and date of birth. The specialist will require you to verify your old address and the exact dollar amount of your monthly VA compensation.

Other Options

Another option is to fax or mail a completed VA form 21-5072, “Request for Change of Address/Cancellation of Direct Deposit,” to: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Evidence Intake Center, PO Box 4444, Newnan, GA 30271. Processing time varies depending on the VA’s workload. You can also visit your VA regional office in person to change your address. Representatives offer customer service on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday during normal business hours.



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