How to Change an Address on a License

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If you move to a new address, you need to let people know, and that includes your state's DMV office. Some states require you to report an address change within a few days of moving. The exact procedure varies by state, so check with your local DMV office. In many states, you can change the address on your driver's license online, making it a quick and easy task.

What Do You Need to Change Your Address on Your Driver's License?

If you've changed your address, let your state office know as soon as possible. In some states, you must make the change by mail, sending your full name, state driver's license/ID card number and new address to your state office. Some states don't require you to obtain an updated driver's license or ID card, but if you want one, you need to apply in person at your state office, taking proof of your identity and the required payment.

The time limit for changing your address on your driver's license varies by state. In Alabama, you must notify the Department of Public Safety Driver License Division within 30 days of moving to your new address. In New York, you have to notify your local DMV office within 10 days of moving.

Can You Change Your License Address Online?

In some states, such as New Jersey, New York and Florida, you can change your license address online. Enter the requested information (such as your driver's license or ID card number, date of birth, ZIP code and Social Security number) and pay any required fee. Some states charge a fee to change your address, while others charge a fee only if you order an updated license or ID card.

For example, if you live in Florida, visit, provide your date of birth, your Florida driver license or ID card number and the last four digits of your Social Security number and pay the $25 fee.

Do You Need to Change Your Address With the Social Security Administration?

You need to change your address with the Social Security Administration only if you get Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income or Medicare. If you get Social Security benefits of Medicare, change your address via your My Social Security account. If you get Supplemental Security Income, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or contact your local Social Security office to change your address.

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  • Some states let you change the address on your driver's license online, while others require you to do it by mail or in person at your local DMV office.

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