How to Get a Power of Attorney While Deployed

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Determine which power of attorney you need. General power of attorney forms allow someone (your "agent") to act on your behalf in every way. Special power of attorney forms allow your agent to do only specific things for you such as receive or ship household goods, accept or clear housing, buy or sell property and vehicles, or handle banking transactions and tax matters.

Ask your supervisor if you have a Judge Advocate General representative in your unit, or at the nearest FOB/COB. JAG personnel have copies of all power of attorney forms for use by deployed members.

Request that someone back home go to the nearest JAG office and get copies of the power of attorney forms if you can't get them locally. Your home contact can mail the forms to you while you're deployed.

Go to the link provided below (Resource 1) to download a copy of general or special power of attorney forms if you have access to a computer and printer. Scroll down to the last page of the power of attorney you are using. Delete "Naval Postgraduate School Legal Service Office" from the Acknowledgement section. Print out the power of attorney form(s) you need.

Fill out the appropriate information, but do NOT sign at the bottom.

Ask your supervisor or chain of command who your unit notary is. Sign the form in front of the unit notary.

Mail the forms to the person you named as your agent.



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