How to Get Reckless Driving Dismissed

Reckless driving is the violation of a ticket given for a number of reasons depending on which state you are driving in. In some states, reckless driving can also be called "careless" driving. In other states, reckless and careless driving are separate and different charges. Reckless driving covers a number of driving infractions, usually speeding excessively, street racing, or eluding a police officer in a car chase. The ticket can have severe consequences or limitations on your driver's license.

Contest your reckless driving ticket. Different states have different procedures for contesting a ticket. Usually you can write or call the court to set a hearing date. Once a hearing date is set, you can determine whether or not to hire a lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the court system to have the best chance of success.

Get a copy of the police record. You may have to write the court or police department that issued the ticket and pay a small fee, but make sure to get a copy of the police report so you know exactly what behavior is on the public record. Read it carefully for any discrepancies in facts. If there were any witnesses, ask them to tell you what happened in their own words and compare these statements to the police reports. An attorney can help you review a police report and if it comes to a trial, an attorney can question these witnesses to prove your innocence.

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Go to court. You will likely first be offered a "plea." This may mean pleading guilty to a lesser charge or traffic ticket. An experienced attorney can help you decide whether to fight your ticket in court or to take the plea you are offered. The plea may come with conditions or probation, so consider it carefully. Taking a plea does not mean that your reckless driving ticket has been dismissed, it simply means that you have pled guilty to a lesser charge.

Plead innocent in court. If you decide not to take a plea bargain, you will go to court where you can plead guilty or innocent to reckless driving. If you plead innocent, a trial date will be set for a hearing on your reckless driving charge. The hearing is where you will bring to light all the information presented in the police report. A lawyer can question any witnesses and make arguments on your behalf. Depending on your state, either the judge or a jury will make a final decision. If you are deemed innocent, your reckless driving ticket is considered dismissed. If guilty, you will be stuck with a reckless driving ticket on your record.

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