How to Replace a Lost Learner's Driving Permit

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There's nothing more exciting than getting your learner's permit and driving for the first time under the supervision of a licensed friend or family member. Should you accidentally misplace your learner's permit, you'll want to take immediate action to obtain a new copy, as you cannot drive without it. Waiting to address the issue will mean less practice time before you take your driver's exam.

Request a New Permit Online

How you obtain a replacement learner's driving permit varies by state. You can begin by visiting your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website. The DC DMV allows for users to request a new permit online if they meet certain criteria, such as having your current name and address on file. You'll also need to have your permit number, first name, last name, Social Security number and date of birth handy, as well as a valid credit card. If any of your information has changed, you won't be able to apply online.

The DC DMV also makes it possible to change your organ donor information when requesting a new learner's permit. Once you submit the form and payment via credit card, you'll be able to print out a temporary driving permit that you can begin using right away. The new permit will be issued within 10 business days.

Mail in Your Request

Some states, like Pennsylvania, require applicants to mail in their new driving permit request. For example, the Pennsylvania DMV provides Form DL-31 "Non-Commercial Learner's Permit Application to Add/Extend/Replace/Change/Correct" on their website. You'll need to download, print and fill out this form in order to request a new learner's driving permit. The form must then be mailed to PennDOT P.O. Box 68272 Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272, along with the required fee. Once the application is processed, a new permit will be issued in seven to 10 business days.

Visit Your Local DMV

It may be necessary to plan a trip to your local DMV to get a new learner's driving permit. For example, the Virginia DMV does not allow minors to request a new permit online. They must visit their local DMV with a parent or guardian. Additionally, if you owe the DMV money, need to correct your name or have a permit that has expired, you'll need to plan on an in-person visit.

While you can simply walk in to your local DMV in some states, Virginia requires users requesting a new permit to make an appointment through one of their Customer Service Centers. Applicants will need to provide proof of identity at their appointment, as well as present Form DL1P.

About Replacement Learner's Permits

It's important to note that replacing your learner's driving permit does not extend the expiration date on the permit. You'll still want to ensure you schedule your driver's test before the expiration date on the original permit. According to New York State's Department of Motor Vehicles, your identification number will also remain the same when you request a new copy of your permit. This state does not require applicants to retake their eye exam.

Almost all replacement learner's permit requests come with a fee. The New York DMV charges $17.50, while the Vermont DMV has a $20 fee for this service. Maryland comes in with one of the highest fees at $30. You'll need a credit card to pay this fee online, a check or money order to pay the fee via the U.S. postal service or a check or cash to satisfy the fee at an in-person facility. Make sure you list your DMV ID number in the memo section of your check if you choose that method of payment.