How to Renew My Firearms License

Always renew your license before it expires.
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Renewing your federal firearms license (FFL) can be annoying and even difficult, but it is an important part of being a responsible gun owner. Save the date on your calendar so you know when your exact expiration date is. If you do not renew your license by the expiration date, your firearms registration may be revoked. In addition, the process for acquiring a new license and registration will be significantly more difficult.

Step 1

Contact the Federal Firearms Licensing Center (FFLC) directly if you are not contacted by them within 30 days of your license expiration date. In most cases, however, the FFLC will send you a renewal form 60 days prior to your license's expiration date. You can call the FFL toll-free at 866-662-2750.

Step 2

Complete the renewal form you receive in the mail. Fill in all pertinent information and include a check or money order for the appropriate fee. In general, fees hover around $60 for license renewals as of December 2010.

Step 3

Mail the renewal form and payment as early as possible prior to the license expiration date to allow time for processing. If your application is not postmarked at least three weeks before the renewal date, your license may be allowed to expire.

Step 4

You may request a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the FFLC as long as your application was postmarked at least three weeks before your expiration date. This will allow you to purchase ammunition or conduct any other business relating to your firearm while you wait for the arrival of your new license.

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