How to File a Complaint Against a Medical Office

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From poor medical care to an unfriendly encounter with a staff member, you may have had an unpleasant experience in a medical office. Sometimes, just coping with the experience and trying to move forward without action may not be comfortable for you. If you've found reason to file a complaint against a medical office, file it with the hospital or health care system affiliated with your particular medical office.

Call the medical office where you received your medical care. Ask to speak with the office manager and try to resolve the problem with the office manager before taking further action.

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Write a letter to the hospital he medical office is part of. If your medical office is independent, file a complaint with your state's medical review board.

To find your state's medical review board, search for your state name and "medical review board" on the Internet. The official website should display for you, which will include contact information.

Write as many details in the letter as you can possibly remember. Include the date and time of your visit, the names of staff members involved (or descriptions if you cannot remember names), why you were at the office, what the problem was and if the medical office attempted to resolve the problem. Explain what you did to resolve the problem with the medical office and why you feel the need to take further action.

Write what you feel could have been done to prevent your complaint or resolve the situation. The quality assurance office is always looking for ways to improve patient care.

Include a phone number or email address that you check regularly so a representative can contact you easily, if needed.

Address your envelope and mail your letter.


  • Provide only the facts and don't exaggerate the situation in your letter. Exaggerating facts has the potential to cause severe consequences for involved staff members.


  • Write your letter as soon as you possibly can so all information regarding the event you're complaining about is fresh in your mind.

    If you don't receive a response in a couple of weeks, call the hospital the medical office is a part of or your state's medical review board (depending on who the letter was addressed to) and let them know you haven't received any communication regarding your complaint.

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