How to File a Complaint Against a Home Health Care Agency


How to File a Complaint Against a Home Health Care Agency. Every home health care agency is responsible for providing quality care to their patients. File a complaint when you or a loved one is receiving less than adequate care or is receiving improper billing. Administration offices at licensed health care agencies have a formal process that they follow for filing complaints. The process may vary slightly from organization to organization.

Address the caregiver or individual directly. Give the person a chance to remedy the situation before you involve his supervisor.

Speak with her supervisor and give specific instances and situations that have been problematic.

Contact the home health care agency's call center and tell the staff person that you wish to file a formal complaint.

Give your name, address and telephone number, in case they need additional information or clarification regarding the complaint.

Provide patient name along with detailed information regarding the event, such as dates, times, location, situation and name other parties involved.

File your complaint in writing as well. Send the home health care agency a copy and keep one for your records.

Receive a written notification in the mail stating how they will or will not handle the situation.


  • It's always best to confront someone face to face rather than over the telephone. Contact an organization that deals with home health care complaints, such as Lumetra, if you aren't satisfied with how your local health care facility handles your complaint.

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