How to Look Up Someone's Driving Record

A driving record provides details regarding a person’s driving history. You can look up someone’s driving record in a number of ways. For instance, you can submit a written request to the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state in which the driver’s license is issued. Another option is to use a driving record look-up website to find this information. You typically have to make a small payment that ranges from $5 to $40 to get access to this information.

Obtain someone’s driving record by visiting the state’s DMV. States such as California and Alabama provide copies of driving records provided you visit a pre-designated DMV office in order to request for this information. Typically, this service is charged $5.

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Look up public records to find out someone’s driving record. Driving records are public information, so you can consider looking for someone’s driving record on websites that offer public records. Some options include Public Record Resources and Public Records Info (see links in "Resources"). Enter the person’s name and other details into the given fields to perform the search.

Obtain a copy of someone’s driving record from a premium driving record look-up website, such as Driving Records. This website provides a copy of driving record for $35. You have to sign up with the website and make the payment before you can look up a particular number. The turnaround time varies depending on the state with which the driving record is associated, but it takes almost one day to provide driving records of most states.


  • Some states such as Oregon and Pennsylvania do not share driving record publicly. For this reason, you cannot access someone’s driving record in these states.

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