How to Find If Someone Is Arrested in Orlando

The easiest method to determine if someone has been arrested is to call the local police department.
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Most criminal records in Florida are online and can be found by going onto the Internet and searching the local court website. That isn't necessarily so for arrest records. The city of Orlando Police Department does not currently list daily arrests on its website. The city does contract with an outside vendor to place police reports online but the police department does not guarantee accuracy. There are a number of local publications that reprint police reports and mugshots, but, in most cases, the information is at least a week old. The best option is to call the Orlando Police Department and ask if the person has been or is in custody.

Gather all the information you have concerning the person you are inquiring about. This information allows the responding party to correctly fulfill your request. This information should include: name, age, address and possible date of incident.

Call the Orlando Police Department at (; 407-246-2470) and provide the information to the officer on duty. Arrest records are public, so generally the Orlando police will provide the date of the arrest, the charge and an arraignment date.

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Go to a local Orlando police station (; 100 South Hughey Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801-2501; 407-246-2470) and ask for the records officer. This officer is in charge of police records and can provide the arrest information and copy of the police report for 10 cents a page, the cost at the time of publication.

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