How to Get Your Police Record Online for Free

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You can find your police record online for free. Several websites that claim to give background checks for free actually charge a yearly fee. In addition, some of the websites that give free background checks are unreliable. One of the most reliable ways to get your police record is to go to the website for the court where you have received a citation. Some courts allow people to check their police records for free through the website.

Look Through The Court Database

Google the court that has seen your case.

Look on the website for an area with online docket records, which is an index of all filings and proceedings. You should be able to find basic information for free, including bonds and judgment index.

Conduct a search with the case number, the lawyer's name, or your name. You might be able to find your case using only your last name.

Try to search by the citation, or the official summons that required you to appear in court. You can enter the year, control number and type of citation.

Try calling the court if you are having trouble navigating the website. Someone should be available to help you with your search.

Try Other Online Databases

Google free background check. Go down the list of websites there and try each one to see if it offers a free service. For instance, offers free criminal record information about child molestation cases (see references 4).

Enter your first name, last name, and the city where the arrest took place on the website you find from your Google search. If more than one result appears for your name, check that you are looking at the result with the correct age.

Try to click on the name. You should immediately receive information about all arrests and charges you have ever received. In addition, you may find a copy of your ticket that the officer filled out for you the night of your arrest.

Avoid websites that ask for a fee at any point in the search process. Some websites will ask for a fee at this point even if it advertised a free background check.

Try different search engines if you are having trouble finding a place to get your police record for free through Google.


  • Some websites advertise that they provide free background checks but ask for money, while some take your money and never give you a background check at all.


  • Try pay websites that have a .gov instead of a .com.