How to Use a Name to Check for a Property Owner

Find property owners by name.
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Local government keeps track of all property records. Each record contains the address of the property, parcel number, what the property sold for and all past and current owners. Since this information is public record, you can find out what property someone owns by submitting his name. To start the search, you must have some idea of what county the property is located in as property records aren't centralized, or collected in a national database.

Search Property Records Online

Go to the county assessor or auditor's website for the county in which the person lives or the property is located.

Select the option to view or search property records. Accept the disclaimer or terms, if applicable.

Enter the person's name in the corresponding name field. Enter the name as specified by the directions. Some assessors' pages require that the name be entered starting with the last name before the first name without a comma.

Select the search option. All properties under the person's name are listed. Many property owners will have the same or similar names.

Click on each name to view property information.

Search Property Records in Person

Go to the county auditor, assessor's or clerk's office. Only the county office in which the person's property is located will have the records.

Specify that your looking for property records by name. Complete any required form specifying the purpose of the information or search.

Pay any required fees for the information.

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