How Do I See Ohio Court Public Records on Indictments?

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Indictment records are open to the public in Ohio. This means that anyone can request to see them, as long as they have enough information to identify the correct record. Indictment records are handled by the county courts, and thus the procedure to request records are slightly different in each county. However, in most counties, you can find the information easily online; in all counties, you can find the information by requesting it from the clerk of courts.


Go to the website for the Clerk of Courts in the county of the indictment. See the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association website to find the website for your county.

Look for a link that will take you to its public records page. If you can't find an easy link, try using the website's search feature, if one is available. Click on the link for the public records.

Enter as much of the requested information as possible. You will be able to search by many identifying factors, such as name of the defendant, case number, and judge name. Each county has its own online search terms. If you want to search by a criteria not available online, try requesting the information in person.

Choose to view the correct record when your search results populate.

In Person

Visit your Clerk of Court's office during business hours.

Request to see the indictment records. If you're looking for a specific record, you will have to provide enough information to easily identify it, such as the name of the defendant.

Request any copies you'd like made. There will be a nominal fee for copying services.

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