How to Change an Address on a State ID Card

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Depending on your city and state, you are required by law to update the address on your state identification (ID) card to your city's Secretary of State office no more than 10 days after moving, explains the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) site. Updating your information is necessary in order to receive renewal notices and other types of government letters to the proper address. Some states require that you visit a DMV office to change your address. Others allow you to do it by phone, mail or in person. Once updated, you will receive a new state ID with the current address listed.

Find your DMV office at the DMV List website. Call your local DMV and select "Address Change" from the automated phone menu. Enter your state ID number on your telephone's keypad and follow the instructions to proceed with the address change. You will be transferred to a live representative to complete the information update.

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Visit your local DMV office and bring your current state identification card along with a recent utility bill with your name on it, if you do not change your address by phone. The utility bill serves as proof of your new address and must have the same name on it as listed on the state ID card.

Complete the address change request form by including your old address, new address and signature. Submit the forms, along with your utility bill and your current state ID, to the DMV representative. Pay the fee, which varies depending on your state. A new state ID will be printed out and given to you with the updated address.

Apply by mail, if your state allows it. Complete the change of address form, include the proper fee, which varies by state, and mail it to your DMV office. You will receive your new ID card in a few weeks.