How to Get a Replacement Birth Certificate in Quebec

By William Adkins - Updated October 06, 2017

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In the province of Quebec, Canada, certified copies of birth certificates are available through the Directeur l’Etat Civil. There are three ways you can get a replacement birth certificate in Quebec: in person, by mail or online (if you are a citizen of Quebec). According to the Directeur l’Etat Civil website, processing times average 12 working days (six working days for accelerated service, which costs more). You must either be the person whose name is on the birth certificate or someone who can legally obtain it, such as an immediate family member or legal representative.

Get a replacement birth certificate in Quebec in person at an office of the Directeur l’Etat Civil. You can obtain the locations of offices by calling 800-567-3900 or online (see Resources). You will need to fill out the application form with your personal information and that of the person whose birth certificate you are ordering. A photo ID (driver’s license, Canadian passport, military ID,) plus proof of residence are required. Payment in person can be by check, money order or by debit/credit card.

Order the copy of a Quebec birth certificate by mail. You must fill out the application form (see Resources). You can enter the information directly into the form before you print it. If you choose to fill it out by hand, use block letters except for your signatures with blue or black ink. Enclose a check, money order or credit card information and mail to the address on the application form. Finally, enclose photocopies of a valid photo ID and a proof of residence.

Submit your application online. This option is available only to citizens of Quebec (as of 2009) and you must first register with clicSEQUR (Quebec’s online identity verification service). Simply go to the Directeur l’Etat Civil website, choose "Online Application," and enter the information. Payment for online orders is by credit/debit card. You can also link to clikSEQUR from there.


If you have not ordered a document since the Quebec system was computerized in 1994, allow a few extra days processing time. Quebec is bilingual (French and English). Don’t panic if you speak only English and the website comes up in French. At the upper right is a language switch that will say “English.” Just click on it and the display changes to English.

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