How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in Canada

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The Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa is a resource for Nigerians who would like to renew their Nigerian passports while in Canada. The process involves visiting the website of the Nigeria Immigration Service and filling out an online passport application. Once the application is completed, you would then forward your old passport, a copy of the application form, and other documentation to the Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa. A fee must be paid to both offices in order to facilitate the process.

Complete the Online Application

Complete and submit the online application form at the Nigeria Immigration Portal. Make sure you know what kind of passport you are applying for: a Standard e-Passport or Official e-Passport. You will have the choice of two forms: e-Passport Application Form or the MRP Passport Application form.

Pay the Application Fee

Pay for the application. Click on "Proceed to Online Payment" after submitting your online application. Choose your currency, either Naira or US Dollars. If you choose to pay in Naira, payment can come from your bank or from your eWallet.

Note the Validation Number

Make note of your payment's Validation Number. You will have to use it to confirm your payment and to receive further information about your application.

Print Receipt

Click "Query your application payment status" at the passport portal homepage. Under "Application Type," click "Passport" and enter your application ID, reference number, and validation number. Click "Print this receipt" and retain the receipt to be included in your application.

Complete Application Tracking

Complete the Application Tracking system online form. This must be completed before your documents arrive at the Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa. Forward to the Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa your old passport, completed new application form and acknowledgment receipt, evidence of online payment made to the Nigeria Immigration Service, application ID and reference numbers, two passport photographs in color on a gray background, two self-addressed Canada priority post envelopes and the additional application fee for the commission.


  • The Nigeria High Commission charges an additional fee on top of the one charged by the Nigeria Immigration Service. The payment to the Commission must be in the form of a money order in Canadian dollars. Have this prepared before forwarding your documents to the Commission.

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