How to Get a Replacement Birth Certificate in Canada

Sample Canadian Birth Certificate
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Losing a Canadian birth certificate (commonly referred to as a Canadian Citizenship Card) can be extremely inconvenient. Often times, a copy of a birth certificate is used when obtaining passports, social security insurance cards and other government documents. If you have misplaced your birth certificate, there are ways to replace it.

Step 1

the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, Resources, an "Application, a citizenship certificate

Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website (see Resources) to obtain an "Application for a citizenship certificate from inside Canada." Complete the application.

Step 2

Gather your official documents.

Gather your government documents. To replace your certificate, you must send your original naturalization/citizenship certificate and and pink transmission copies; two forms of photo identification; and any other applicable government documents, such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, or birth certificates.

Step 3

Process Payment Online

Pay the fee for replacing your citizenship. To do so, visit the "Client Services" section of the website and click on "Payment of Fees." From there, you will be guided through a series of pages where you must select the type of service you are requesting. Finally, the site will take you to a secure page where you will enter your credit card information and pay $75. After your payment has been accepted, you will receive and online "Receipt Form," which you should print and include with your application.

Step 4

Document Checklist

Download the "Document Checklist" to ensure that you have included all of the necessary documents with your completed application. An overview of what you will need includes: providing clear and legible photocopies of your documents, two citizenship photos, a copy of the "Receipt Form" showing the amount paid and a copy of the checklist.

Step 5

Mail Your Application

Mail your application to: Case Processing Centre, Syndey-Proofs, Box 10000, Syndey, Nova Scotia, B1P 7C1.

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