How to Become a Legally Ordained Minister for Free

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Becoming a minister isn't reserved for a select few. The right to become an ordained minister is available to anyone, provided you can get your name listed as an ordained minister in any legal church registry. If you want to perform a marriage, set up your own church or perform other duties of an ordained minister, you can become an ordained minister online--at no charge--and begin practicing your ministry duties in as little as 72 hours.

Visit the Universal Life Church Church, Universal Ministries or First Nation Ministries online to begin your Free Ordination process. These three churches are completely free of charge and work the same way. Each of them is legal according to the laws of your state. Enter your legal name, email address, state and city. This will create an account and allow you to be notified when the church approves your ordination.

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Check the laws governing your state regarding performing marriages if this is your intent for getting ordained. Click on the "legal requirements governing your state" to see how your particular state regards your ordination and your ability to perform a marriage.

Submit your application for ordination and wait the designated time to hear back from the church. This response will typically take 72 hours. You will receive an email accepting your application for ordination. Once you've received this email, you are officially ordained and can perform the duties of an ordained minister.


  • While the church ordination websites that ordain you do sell items relating to ordination (optional), they never charge for the act of ordination itself. If you are asked to pay for the actual ordination, consider using another resource.

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