How to Become a Wedding Officiant in the State of PA

By Fiona Miller - Updated June 05, 2017
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The state of Pennsylvania requires that any officiant be an ordained minister, rabbi or officiant in a religious institution to legally conduct weddings. However, judges, former judges and mayors of any city within Pennsylvania may also perform wedding ceremonies. Within the state of Pennsylvania, you may also become an ordained member of a church online, which allows any person to legally perform a wedding in the state of Pennsylvania. Former mayors may also perform weddings, as long as they meet certain requirements.

Traditional Clergyman

Research how to become a clergy member in your religion. Prerequisites may involve schooling beyond college, as well as an ordination ceremony. Study and complete any required courses and pass the exams. You can also spend time as an associate to another clergy member to become ordained within your religion.

Online Clergyman

Find the website of a church that allows you to become a minister almost instantly. Use a search engine to find the most popular places online to become a minister with keywords or phrases such as "become a minister in minutes," and the like. Follow the prompts on the website to navigate the process. For example, click on "Become a Minister" and follow all of the steps necessary to obtain your officient document. Print out the document proving you are a minister within this church.

Mayor or Former Mayor

Serve as mayor for an entire term. If you run for multiple terms and you are defeated, you cannot continue to perform marriage ceremonies. Observe all laws while you are a mayor. A former or current mayor cannot perform weddings if she has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. Resignation while you are a mayor, specifically to avoid legal implications of wrongdoings, disqualifies you from performing marriages in Pennsylvania.

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