How to Change a Last Name to a Mother's Maiden Name

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Many times when women and men divorce, the woman no longer wants to keep her ex-husband's last name. When the woman decides to drop her husband's name, she may want to assume her mother's maiden name--the name her mother had before she was married. She can change her last name to a mother's maiden name by filing the appropriate documents.

Go to your nearest Social Security Administration office and bring along a certified copy of your divorce decree, your birth certificate (to prove your identity) and your completed SS-5 application (the application to change your name on your Social Security Card).

Take a certified copy of your divorce decree to your department of motor vehicles (DMV) office so that you can update your driver's license.

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Update bank accounts, doctors, military branches, insurance companies and all other accounts of your name change by mailing or taking them certified copies of your divorce decree. Include a scanned copy of your driver's license so that they know what your new name is, or if you go there in person, simply show them your driver's license.


  • When you change your driver's license information, there is oftentimes a fee for the DMV to print a new driver's license card.


  • Make sure you change your Social Security card first because it is the most important one and should be changed before other documents.