Handicap Parking Rules

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Rules requiring businesses to set aside parking spaces for the handicapped are intended to increase accessibility for the disabled. The individual states set rules of enforcement, including the fines paid by those who violate handicapped parking rules.


To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses must set aside parking spaces for the handicapped.

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One handicapped parking spot must be set aside in parking lots with 25 spaces or fewer. Four designated handicapped spots must be set aside in parking lots with 100 spaces, nine in lots with 500 spaces.


Each handicapped parking space must be designed for easy ingress and egress. Spaces must be at least 12 feet wide. They must be adjacent to a wheelchair-accessible pathway into the building.


Blue paint and handicapped parking signs designate handicapped parking spaces.


Only vehicles with handicapped license plates or a temporary handicapped-parking placard can use the parking space. A doctor must complete the application form for handicapped parking permits.


Each state sets fines for parking in handicapped spaces without the appropriate permit.