How to Check Name & Address of Vodafone Mobile Numbers

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Vodafone is a cellular-phone provider based in the United Kingdom. As with other major cellular-phone providers, Vodafone does not maintain a directory listing of customers' phone numbers and corresponding addresses. Below are a few tips that will help you locate the name and address associated with a Vodafone phone number.

Determine if the phone number is actually a Vodafone subscriber number. Go to the free Caller ID Lookup page and enter the phone number.

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Copy the information returned by the website database. You should see information such as carrier name, if the number belongs to a mobile phone or landline and owner name and ZIP code.


Enter the owner's name and ZIP code into a search engine such as Google to find a possible home address.


Enter the cellular-phone number in a search engine if the Caller ID Lookup page has no information relating to the owner. Individuals sometimes enter their names and phone numbers on websites or Internet forums. If the information is there, a search engine will find it.



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