How to Find Sewer Maps

Many county sewer maps are now available online via a GIS tool.
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Most people who are interested in either replacing a sewer line, or even curious to know how a particular property connects to a city sewer line, first need to consult a sewer line map. Without a map, replacing a sewer line can be a difficult task involving tons of guesswork, but using a map can provide information on manholes, pump stations, metering stations and sewer lines. Fortunately, finding one online or even offline is as easy as doing a few Internet queries.

Step 1

Visit the county public works, wastewater management or sanitary commission website of the local jurisdiction where you require a sewer map. Many local cities or towns have utility services referred to by different titles.

Step 2

Search for "sewer map" directly in the search box of the website, if provided. Most sites now provide this information online in the form of a graphic information system, or GIS. This software often integrates information queries, updates, retrievals and unique visualizations for a particular jurisdiction.

Step 3

Go to the digital map viewer option for the sewer map if you are able to view it online. Configure your computer to run the latest software required to view the county sewer map, if necessary. View the sewer map.

Step 4

Call your county public works office directly and request hard copies of the sewer map, or ask for access to come in to view the document.

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