How to Track My Social Security Retroactive Disability Payments

It can be difficult to wait for retroactive pay.
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Applying for Social Security disability is often a very slow process; months or even years can pass between your initial application and approval. If this happens, the Social Security Administration will owe you retroactive pay. Retroactive disability pay may take an additional few months to receive, especially if your disability case went to court. If you have direct deposit set up, the retroactive pay should be deposited into your bank account. You have several options available to track your retroactive disability pay from the Social Security Administration.

Go to the Social Security Administration's website. Choose "Check the status of your application" from the list of options on the left side of the home page. Enter your Social Security number and the confirmation number you received when you first applied. Through the application status information, you can find out if the retroactive pay has been paid or is still processing.

Contact your attorney's office if you had representation for your claim. Your attorney will be able to quickly find out the status of your retroactive payment.

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Call the national Social Security Administration's toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213, to receive information about your retroactive payment. The line is open 24 hours a day for you to find out your claim status and if your back payment has been processed.

Check your most recent paperwork from the Social Security Administration. There should be a disability determination officer's name and contact information. She handles your claim directly and can help you track your retroactive payment.

Visit or call your local Social Security office. Find your local office by using the office locator tool on Social Security's website. Go to "Contact us" on the top right side of the home page next to "FAQs." From the drop-down menu, choose "local office." Enter your zip code. A list of local offices, along with addresses and phone numbers, will be displayed. Ask a representative at the office to check the status of your payment.

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