Laws for Transporter Tags

Transporter tags save dealers money.
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Transporter tags are used for temporary purposes. Such tags may be used to legally transport vehicles from one destination to another by dealers and manufacturers. Tags are not meant to substitute for permanent registration and should not be used for daily motor vehicle operation. North Carolina, Georgia and Arkansas have several laws concerning transporter tags.

North Carolina: Authorization

North Carolina allows individuals having businesses that require limited motor vehicle operation to apply for a transporter tag. After applying and obtaining the tag, such persons may use them when moving an automobile to or from an auction, or when repossessing a car. Businesses may also use the tags when transferring automobile parts between manufacturers, dealers or purchasers.

North Carolina: Parades

Individuals transporting cars to and from parades may apply for a transporter tag. In order to qualify, automobiles must be at least 25 years old and the sole purpose of transport must be to transfer the vehicle to a parade or car show. The state charges applicants a minimum fee of $10.00 for the tag as of this writing and individuals must report the vehicle as personal property on tax forms. While North Carolina allows transporter tags to be used for more than one vehicle, all vehicles must be insured.

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Arkansas allows sales managers, sales persons and dealer employees to transport vehicles on the highway if a standard transporter tag is obtained. In addition to having a transporter tag, individuals must show proof of the dealer's extra license plate, temporary cardboard tag and information sheet as given by the state of Arkansas. A transporter tag issued for special purposes may not be used to transfer a vehicle from one location to another on the highway.


Georgia has two essential types of tags: master and other transporter tags. Whereas master tags are major tags used for transporting purposes, other tags may be used for special events or one-day transfers. Master tags are more expensive than other tags because they may be used for more than one occasion. Companies that obtain a transporter tag and later go out of business must return all tags to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Georgia.

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