How to Transfer Car Tags in Florida

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To legally drive a vehicle on any road or highway in Florida, that vehicle must have a license plate. If you purchase a new car and either trade in or sell your old car, you can transfer the license plate, or tag, from your old vehicle to your new one. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires you to fill out a notification of transfer to officially transfer your tag from one vehicle to another. The Florida DMV does not allow residents to transfer their tags from their own vehicle to a vehicle belonging to someone else.

Obtain the Notification of Transfer of Registration License Plate form from any Florida DMV office or from

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Enter the information on your old vehicle that has been sold or traded. You must know the make, model, year, weight and length, the vehicle identification number and the date of expiration on your tag. Enter the dealer’s name, authorizing them to transfer your tag on your behalf, if you traded you car to a dealership.

Enter all of the required information of your new vehicle and sign the form. Enter your license plate number and have the dealer sign the bottom of the page. The dealer to whom you sold or traded your vehicle will file this form with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.


  • If you did not trade or sell your vehicle to a dealership you do not have to fill out this form, instead you will go to your local DMV and request a transfer in person.