How to Register a New York Car in Florida

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Persons moving to Florida from New York state must register their vehicles with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) within 10 days of residency, employment or a child's school registration, according to the DHSMV website. New state residents also must title their vehicles with the state as part of an initial registration process and both processes are completed at the same time.

Obtain proof of Florida insurance. All vehicles registered in Florida must have insurance coverage from an agency licensed in Florida. Proof of insurance must be obtained through a Florida insurance agent before the initial vehicle registration.

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Complete an Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration. The application is available on the DHSMV website and is available at tax collectors' offices throughout the state. The application requires a verification of the vehicle number identification that must be completed by any law enforcement officer, a motor vehicle dealer, a Florida compliance examiner or tax collector employee, a provost marshal or a Florida notary. If the vehicle is owned by more than one person, all owners must sign the completed form.

Locate a tax collector's office. Title and registration of a vehicle that is new to the state must be completed at a tax collector's office. Each county has one or more tax collector's offices listed on the Florida DHSMV website. Days of operation and hours vary by location.

Take all items to the tax collector's office. Persons applying for a new title and registration must have proof of identification, such as a driver's license, proof of Florida insurance and an Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration to present at the tax collector's office to title and register a vehicle in the state.

Pay all registration and title fees and receive the title, tag and registration. As of October, 2010, the basic title fee for a vehicle that is new to Florida, but that has been registered out of state is $85.25, and the initial registration cost is $225. After all fees have been paid, a Florida title, tag and registration will be issued.


  • While only one owner must visit the tax collector's office, proof of identification must be presented for all owners.