How to Find Out If a Person Is Registered for a Concealed Weapon in Florida

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A concealed weapon permit allows it's holder to carry a firearm out of plain sight. In the state of Florida, people who have registered for a concealed weapon permit cannot have their status as a permit holder revealed by the state government. If the need arises to find if an individual carries a concealed weapon permit, there will be varying levels of difficulty in obtaining the information, depending on the person's compliance.

Send a written request to the Public Records Liaison. Submit a request only if you have written consent from the person or the legal representative of the person whom you are inquiring about. If the person is not so compliant, you can also provide a court order requesting the information or, if you represent a law enforcement agency, request the information in connection to the performance of a lawful duty. Attach supporting documentation to your request.

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Mail or fax your request and supporting documentation to the Public Records Liaison. Send the request to P.O. Box 3927; Tallahassee, FL 32315-3927 or fax it to 850-245-5493. Check for any updated contact information in Resources section below.

Wait for a response to be sent to you through the mail. If your request is granted you will be notified and the information will be relayed to you. If your request is denied you will receive notification of the denial through the mail.

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