How to Apply for a Copy of a Birth Certificate Online

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A birth certificate is the most credible documentation when it comes to proving a person's identity. The certificate includes information such as legal birth name, location of birth, names of birth parents and the time and date of birth. Whether you have lost your birth certificate or need to replace a damaged one, applying for a copy of your birth certificate can be completed online with a small processing fee.

Visit the National Center for Health Statistics web page which outline each state's vital record departments.

Click on the link of the state where you were born. On the next page near the bottom of the "Birth" category, click on the link which takes you to that state's Department of Public Health.

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Search on your state's Department of Public Health website for a link that says "Birth Records." Sometimes the website will group birth, death and marriage records together. Click on the link once you find it to receive information on how to apply online.

Search for the link that has a phrase similar to "Order Birth Certificate Online" or "How To Order Online." Click on the link to take you to another page that provides you with a link directly to the online ordering site. Most state vital records utilize the service provided by the VitalChek Network.

Visit the VitalChek website. Complete the application with accurate information including your birth date, full legal name at time of birth, and location of birth. At the end of the application, you will be quoted a fee, which you will need to pay using a debit or credit card.

Wait three to four weeks to allow processing and delivery of your birth certificate copy.